The “Boyfriend Tag”

So finally at about 3AM the iMac decided to compress the bloody video and upload it to YouTube. There was then a bit of panic as it kept coming up unavailable. Then I worked out that it was encoding everything in five hundred different formats in the background. I then added the annotations and finally went to bed.

Woke up sober yet again, I’m getting the hang of it now. Cracked on with work which was mainly syncing and testing stuff. It’s all working now. Also did a bit at the end, which was another optimisation, but I need to think through that a bit more carefully.

Ended up finishing later than I planned. Went to the gym and did a run, but by god was I knackered. Came back and installed the iMac memory upgrade. Worked on second attempt after I gave it a bloody great shove. Then I upgraded the iMac to Mavericks. That all went okay. I’ll try and stick the latest FCPX on it tomorrow. It seems to be a bit more spritely now it has 12GB Ram. Jamie has lost my memory card. He still hasn’t cleared the plates and glasses in the bathroom. I posted another picture on Facebook which he asked me to take down as it was ’embarrassing’, why doesn’t he just clear it up? Updated the server, de-flead Dillon and updated WordPress.

So anyway, go watch my new video, “The Boyfriend Tag”.

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Captain James sent me a text, possibly flying Sunday. I ordered all the laminate flooring for the kitchen, plus a special power saw. That’ll be fun.

Oh the MacBook Air finally needed charging. And in about half an hour it’s gone back up to 45%.

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