And then I shouted at the monitor a bit more

Started at 6:30AM, took Dillon to daycare, they are moving and their prices going up, this could become an issue. Sasha moaned. Went back to bed.

Got up and powered up, me, Sasha, the coffee machine. Still working on a load of graphical bugs, also doing some multi-player testing. Loads of work to do. Picked up Dillon mid-afternoon. Went to the gym an did Pump. Drunk my protein shake. Ate far too much chocolate, the good thing is I’ve almost run out of it now. Topped it up with salad. Didn’t finish work until late, lots of shouting at code.

Ordered a Rode videomic pro. Hopefully video audio will be a lot better then. Talking of video, I think I have an idea for a new one….

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