So apparently it’s arriving Thursday

Woke up just in time to get Dillon in the car and take him to the vets. Just for boosters, all in good shape. There was a miserable women there who arrived with three cats in shopping bags. They asked her if that was all of them, she said no and that she had eighteen more. She smelt of wee.

Got back and started work. Spent the entire day fixing one bug, and to be honest by the end of it I’m still not a hundred percent it’s fixed.

I rang the B&Q customer services number, listened to some death metal music on hold for ten minutes then finally got through to a women with an IQ lower than the dogs, she told me my order would arrive Thursday, I said thanks for telling me, she didn’t get the irony.

Had a home check to do for a puppy. So went to the gym and then did the home check. Ate salad and then about half a box of celebrations. I may not be drinking, but what I’m lacking in alcohol I seem to be making up for in chocolate. Watched some telly. Think I’ll attempt an early night. Dillon at day care tomorrow.

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