Okay, so the flooring has arrived, the underlay however is still missing

So started on time to a whole host of fun and bugs. Spent the entire day either trying to get a video player to play without corruption or fixing lens flare. Oh the joys. Need to get a build done today ready for testing and upload tomorrow, so all very busy.

There was a sale on, on FCPX plug-ins, so now got a few more. Expect them to be abused on to a video some time soon. I’m trying to order a ISaw A2 action cam, but the web site is shit and keeps falling over. Okay, so it’s not a go-pro, but it’s a third of the price and will probably do the job just fine.

Went to the gym and did Spin. No gym tomorrow as I’m being dragged out for Valentine’s day. We are going to the cinema and having a meal, I’m sure it will be awful.

Need to make a big list of things I need to pay for, like car parking, car hire, hotels and stuff. More money.

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