So everyone at O2 is called Wayne?

Slept pretty well last night for once. Got up at 6:30, took Sasha to daycare. Worked pretty solid all day on this damn render task manager. Got it working perfectly on my console, but on the PC it’s just doing really weird shit, almost like it’s shafting the 64bit atomic. Didn’t finish on it until gone eleven, will battle on with it again in the morning.

Took Dillon out for a run, he isn’t a runner. Still it knackered him out. Picked up Sasha. Went to Pump. Came back and did more work. Got in touch with O2 again, as still my number hasn’t been ported properly. Spoke to ‘Wayne’, followed by ‘Lisa’, now this is the 3rd ‘Wayne’ I’ve spoken to. Now when I got them to track through the records, ‘Lisa’ said, “Oh Yes, Riyva put it through again yesterday”. Right, so not fucking ‘Wayne’ then. I’m sure these Indian call centres just invent a new random name every time you open the chat window.

Just eaton, must be time for bed. I’m planning on meeting up with Carl again tomorrow.

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