I seem to have a card made by a five year old

So this morning started very much like the afternoon, mostly in bed. I didn’t sleep well last night so tried to make up for it a bit in the morning. I successfully managed to nap quite a bit. I had breakfast (supplied eventually by Jamie) and then we ventured out to the Mall. I ended up buying him a blazer in return for not having to cook tonight, he got off very lightly. By the time we got back I had just the chance to eat a couple of boiled eggs before mother arrived. She brought me a birthday card with a cutout of a helicopter on which looked like it had been made by a five year old. There are handmade cards and there is complete tat, this was by far to the extreme right of that equation. She brought this stupid weed extractor thing that she paid about fifteen quid for from Kleenezi or some crap like that. It really was shit. It can’t of been made in China as even they wouldn’t have stooped that low. It’s good to see that now she isn’t buying shit off QVC she is able to divert funds to tat elsewhere. I put it together, give it ten minutes and it will break. I told her to take it back as it was shit, but she was happy to give it a blast, complete waste of money. She didn’t stay long. I think she had got the subtle hint that I had really nothing to talk about, except laminate flooring. She kept banging on about not having access to any of my blogs and how would she be able to follow my trip, and would I be posting to FaceBook. I just said that no she can’t have access and that she has a very limited access to my FaceBook. She then tried to go through my diary for an available time for me to take her to bingo, thankfully I don’t have an opening until 2027. Apparently it’s her birthday present, I’d quite happily buy her a weeder instead that wouldn’t fall apart in a millisecond. I just don’t think i can socialise with her anymore, not without murder taking place anyway.

I still had a bit of a cold so didn’t do any DIY. Instead I did my YouTube channel trailer, which I’m quite pleased with. I paid six quid for the music license you know. I also spent ages redoing the artwork for the channel, only to find out afterwards I should have used the template as it all looks a little bit crap when compressed. Still getting the hang of PhotoShop now anyway.

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