I really did spend all day staring at grass

Woke up fairly early. Felt bloated all day. That’s roasts for you, they back me up all week. I must have had about four poo’s today already. Last one smelt of apple, that’s be the red cabbage. Work wise I built and awful lot of data. Then spent the bulk of the day looking at grass. Actually it was nuclear grass, caused by a bad boolean in a material. Took hours to trace and milliseconds to fix.

Went to Body Combat. Still had the effects of last weeks man-flu, so couldn’t give it 100%. Came back and fixed the material problem. Then tried to get the rest of the insurances sorted, failed, but slightly further along now. Need to get the normal travel insurance, plus excess cover for the car. Sat down and ate salad. With pickled onions, I really know how to live it up. Flying tomorrow if weather holds up.

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