Second fermentation started

Started late as I was waiting for something to be fixed. It wasn’t fixed even then. Still, by the end of the day I had everything checked in and working. It was yet another miserable and rainy day. I spent a long time looking at bathroom suites and tiles. The p-shaped bath I wanted was too big. It came to about two and a half grand. Tonight I found another one, bath, screen, panel, sink, loo, cistern and taps, about eleven hundred quid. Just need to look at tiles. Went out for a run in the rain. Came back, fed the dogs. Then went for another run. Had a shower. Measured the gravity of the wine, both were bang on at 1010. So sterilised two more buckets and transferred them across. Now set for the secondary fermentation, which should take about two weeks. Sat down and looked at more bathrooms.

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