How hard can it be to route 15M of cable?

Started reasonably early I guess. Well on time anyway. I had a nasty bug left over from last Friday. It probably took me the best part of five hours to trace it. One line slightly wrong. Always the bloody way. Then I had hud rendering flickering all over the place, that needed a bit more tracing. The weather has been shit, constant rain. Walked Sasha in the drizzle. Went to the gym and did Combat. Was okay. Came back and did another hour or so, have to resolve a lot of code and data now before I can check it all in. Hopefully will be quite quick tomorrow as I want to get on to something a bit more interesting.

Keep trying to work out how I can get this hdmi cable from the bay window up to the ceiling. I reckon I can get part of it under the floor, then up the stud wall. I may have to do some exploratory drilling and sawing of flooring. It will be an interesting project anyway.

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