I think I’ll go for a double ender

Took Sasha to daycare at 6:30. Went back to bed. I couldn’t persuade Jamie to do anything exciting with my penis, although I gave certain hints. Got up and had coffee. I then spent probably the best part of three hours trying to get something to work, which basically was just badly implemented and almost non-existent in places. Ranted a lot. Then spent the rest of the day fixing odd bugs, wasn’t really in the mood for anything else. Yet another set of small hand tools arrived, I was determined to find the correct one for that bloody HK250. And finally cracked it, it was a Torx T5. So I can now strip it done. I think I will strip it down completely, make a list of all the parts and then attempt to rebuild it from scratch. That’ll be a fun job for my retirement as I haven’t got clue when I’m going to do it otherwise.

Went to gym and did Pump. I do like Trudie who plays the CD about 25% faster than it should be, it gets it all out the way.

Heard again from Plumber man. He recommends stuff from bath store, so we should be fine there. I don’t think the p-shape bath is going to fit, so instead I think I’ll try and go for a double ended slightly wider one. It’ll still be a whirlpool. It’s all a bit stressful. I need to do some sealing of the ceiling, then a bit of painting. Plumber man is coming tomorrow, we will chat, he will quote, I will have a coronary then spent seven hundred quid on helicopter lessons instead.

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