When I said ‘Don’t be nosey’, I was referring to my dog

So got up far too early, took Sasha to daycare and had to wait for ten minutes before anyone turned up. Went back to bed. Today was basically all about testing and SDK update, which went to plan. Also looked at a bit of an odd one, combining the outputs of a light pre pass. That resulted in not much, it appears that multiple render targets have very little impact. I’m now looking at shadow rendering which appears to be a bit vertex bound. Cleaners arrived, did a half arsed job upstairs and vanished again.

Anyway, while data was building I took Dillon out for a walk. We had the usual row about him not having his nose harness on, but after I tugged him out from under the bed he was fine. We went out up to the nature reserve, he went in the water, was quite happy. On the back straight there was this woman, her kid and some small poodle type thing. As we got close, Dillon started pulling. So I said to him, ‘Oi nosey, come on’. Then suddenly this woman shot round and stared at me. I almost had to duck. God woman, turn that thing into wind or you’ll generate a vortex ring and your head will plummet through your neck. Fuck me, it needed a collision warning light on it. I’m sure she thought I was referring to her. No I was referring to my dog, I walked on, she kept on staring at me like a deranged weather-cock atop a weeble. I didn’t look back, I knew she was still rotating towards me as her nose caused a bit of an eclipse. We made it back intact, with no mid-air collisions.

Picked up Sasha. Did more work. Went to Pump. Drank protein shake. Did more work. Now sat down, thinking about work.

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