So I now know the quadrantal rule

Today I looked at rain a lot. Both physically and in code, it wasn’t very interesting. Didn’t really make any great gains. Finished off doing an sdk update. It rained. Made a nice change really. Went out and bought some crickets. Then found the last sort of local Geocache, which has been outstanding for a while. The rest of the local ones are puzzle caches. Came back and took an air-law test. Got 75% pass, which wasn’t bad as I haven’t even read half the book yet. Loads of questions on the ‘quadrantal rule’, which I didn’t have a clue about so looked it up. It’s all to do with magnetic track. So if your true track is 80 degrees with a 5 degree west variation then the magnetic track is 85 degrees (west is best, so add it), so it will be an odd flight level in the thousands. Second quad would be odd plus five hundred feet, third even and forth would be even plus five hundred again. This is how planes avoid hitting each other in uncontrolled air space. Another early night I think.

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