Riddle me this, if you have 30 days to return an item yet an email has just arrived to say it’s been returned, when did you buy it?

Still very tired this morning, woke up by the alarm at 6:30am. Took Sasha to daycare then went back to bed. Got up eventually. Today was all about materials and sorting out shader parameter arrays. Basically it all needed a bit of a re-write. Got it all finished, just a bit more testing to do before I check it all in.

Now, got an email this morning. A returned item to QVC. This was a Nina Lemon bolero, I still don’t have a clue what one of those is. Now QVC has a thirty day return policy. So if I got this email today then it must have been purchased in the last thirty days? I may have to do a bit of account hackery here. I hope she isn’t up to her old ways. But as she has refused our help then I think I just need to let her get on with it. Shame, I was perhaps planning on seeing her for her birthday, we shall see.

Picked up Sasha. Went to Body Pump. We had some of the new CD today. As it’s a new month I increased my bar weight by another 2Kg. All was fine, except for biceps, which due to the movements was pretty much impossible. Came back and did a bit more work. Feeling tired again, so will head off to bed in a minute. Got a good idea for a new helicopter video.

Taking of which, if you can’t find my YouTube Channel, it is here.

Here are my last few videos:

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