Eat more drink less

Felt very tired this morning after Jamie and I kept each other awake. No, not through rampant sex, but through his snoring and my tossing (…I give up). So started quite late. Working on the excitement which is array alignment in shaders. Here’s a fun thing, if you declare an array of floats in a shader it will pack them with sixteen byte alignment, which is rather inconvenient when the source array is packed with four. So several hours later it’s half done, but at least its all correct now.

Jamie is still coughing up mucus so i walked Sasha. Went to the gym and did legs on the cross-trainer. This is to stop me looking like an ‘ice-cream cone’ according to Jamie. Came back and edited another helicopter video. Got all the footage together, now adding the effects. Ate salad. Followed by more food. Decided to try and eat a bit more (but less crisps and cheese), to try and bulk up a bit before we go away. May have arranged something rather fun for Las Vegas hopefully. Sasha at daycare tomorrow.

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