Cough time

So Jamie had some lurgee a couple of days ago. Now I’ve got something. Okay, it’s not that I’ve got lost a limb or anything, but it’s yet another bloody annoying cough. The last one lasted about three months, I only stopped coughing with it about a month ago. Still, better get it out the way now.

Actually started work early this morning. Too early, so I stopped and went to the bank and put a couple of cheques in. They’ve both been credited to the account, but I still have a feeling one of them is going to skip. The cheque for Jamie’s license still hasn’t been cashed, I don’t think the DVLA ever want him to drive, probably wise.

Today actually I spent most of my time working on PC stuff while data was building. Not the most exciting task in the world. Walked Sasha. Went to the gym and did Spin with Laverne. Oddly managed to get through that without coughing.

Came back and was still waiting for some data to build, so I finished off my latest helicopter video. This one’s uploading. I have an idea for another one but it will be really challenging. I may do a new video on Saturday, plus a channel trailer which I’m missing, plus I need to do a constant end screen. Lots of work, lots of editing.

They’ll be a new video up tomorrow, I just need to add the annotations.

Had one bit of a surprise today, I rang up the insurance company to increased the value of personal possessions. No issue with that, the odd thing is they didn’t actually charge for it.

Still need to sort out normal travel insurance though.

Torture porn night.

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