“I did make them with yellow heads”

So this morning started off with disappointing presents, well Ritz crackers, but that was from the dogs. I did get a couple of useful things though. Quick breakfast and then it was off to Staverton. Took Jamie. He enjoyed sitting in the lobby while I went off and played with Budgie. It was a little bit gusty but we did a couple of autorotations including one full engine off landing, which was quite scary. Came back and went to work. All about anti-alaising, which wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

Jamie and I walked the dogs. I then had a shower and we made a great video. It involved plasticine, modelling and a Korean boy band. Lots of editing required but I think it will be a great one. I finished off the evening with much wine and a double episode of Top Gear. Good day, ate too much. Back to the gym tomorrow.

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