On the radio this morning they were saying there weren’t enough transplant organs, wondering if somebody can make better use of mine

Sleep wasn’t bad. Wasn’t great. Got up at 6:30, took Sasha to daycare. Went back to bed, cleaners arrived just after eleven. Jamie was at work for once. Spent the morning tracing a rather odd issue with fat render target formats. Beats shader debugging anyway. In the end went for a thinner format as it caused less problems. Walked Dillon in the nature reserve, he’s actually a pleasure to walk on his own as he’s not aggressive at all. Spent the afternoon shorting out some other stuff. Picked up Sasha. Went to the gym and did Pump. It was so damn hot I almost passed out. Came back and then worked far too late again, I’ve got just so much to do.

Confirmed that the car is actually booked in Friday, so up at the crack of dawn then and get it in so hopefully get it back in good time.

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