No Halfords, you were shit

So this morning started with more shader debugging, more of that excitement later. The car was booked into Halfords Autocentre at 12:30. I got there at 12:30. Then waited at the desk. Then waited longer while the guy behind the desk moaned about having ‘all these orders coming in’. Yes, well I ordered these Friday, it’s now Tuesday, so now I have to wait while you sort through all your fucking emails. Then you don’t find it, then you ask what size tyre it was, don’t ask my name or registration, no go for the fucking complex question. Then you say that you have to see if they have arrived yet, sorry, I ordered fucking Friday still. If they were available on Amazon prime they would have been on the car Saturday. So he procrastinates longer, then finds the order, then after another ten minutes manages to print it out. Then asks which tyres I want replacing, I was a little pissed off by this point so responded with, ‘The ones on the car’. We settled on the rear, I asked for them to then be rotated to the front (so new tyres on rear, then swap front and rear so new on front). He then had to produce a job card, which took another twenty minutes. By this time half an hour had passed before the fitter even got the job card. Now, no issues at all with the fitter, he was built like a bus and covered in tattoos. Did a great job, exactly what I asked for, even didn’t lose the valve caps. Took him about an hour, fair enough no problem there. During this time a lady came in for a battery for her key fob. This was ordered over a week ago, it hadn’t arrived, from the parts store, across the car park. It took over forty-five minutes to get a battery from a 100 yards away and stick it in a key fob. Meanwhile other blokie at reception was asking when my service and MOT was due, I said tomorrow and it wasn’t being done here. Several other customers arrived, he was obsessed with trying to sell them fuel additives. It’s interesting as he was explaining to one customer how it improved the performance of his diesel. Then the next customer he oddly now changed to a petrol. These two were like the old codgers from the muppets. Everyone was told to wait and there was no sense of urgency. My keys and job card arrived back. This was passed from Burt to Earnie to produce an invoice. This took ten minutes. I didn’t want to have a discussion about how I had a timing belt and not a chain, I also wasn’t going to go into what a stage two upgrade was. All I wanted after almost two hours were my bloody keys back. Did he have them there? Oh no, had to vanish off out to the back room and get them out the safe, what the fuck were they doing in there in the first place. Now the fun bit, he hands me a bundle of bile with the invoice in and says theres a card on front to fill in a survey and I could win a hundred quid. He then said, ‘Remember to give us ten out of ten for customer service’. I enjoyed filling out the survey, they got ten, but without the initial one.

Anyway, shaders. Had some serious issues with barycentrics. I’m still having serious issues with barycentrics. This has gone back to developer support, they are now having issues with barycentrics. Had enough by about seven, so headed out, was going for a long one but the GPS was playing up, so ended up doing one I wasn’t planning on then came back and did a bit more work to make up for lost time.

So car in for a service Thursday, or maybe Friday…but that’s a different story.

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