It’s one price for you or a cheaper one if you’re Jewish

So our first full day started in New York. I eventually got Jamie out of bed, he managed to sweat ink all over the pillow. I had muffins and coffee. He just glared at me. Managed to sort tickets for the 9/11 museum and a show in the evening.

We eventually ventured out to the Rockefeller centre. Couldn’t get tickets for a couple of hours so got them for later in the day. We headed to central park.

On the way I picked up a spare battery for the GoPro. It came from a ‘discount electronics store’, which lets just say had a mass abundance of ‘chicken soup’. The battery was offered at $99, then $80, I then got it for $60, even though it was a big battery it was still over the odds, but I needed one in a bit of a hurry.

We went to central park and spent about two hours there, we covered well under a quarter of it. It is one fantastic green space, but boy is it massive. We went back to the Rockefeller centre and went up the tower. I reckon the view from here is probably better than the Empire State. There is certainly more viewing room. Took some good photos from there.

Headed back to the hotel, managed to lose Jamie as he was after a photo in some shop. I decided I wanted to have some fun with the Jewish electronics industry and headed into another one of these discount stores. I got the guy to dig out five GoPro batteries and give me an awful deal on them (started at over $100, went down to $49 quickly), I said I’d give him $50 for all five. He just glared, I then said I could get them from Amazon for $20 and walked out. Sorry, but I don’t like being screwed so was happy to waste his time, it’s good to see they are all into screwing anyone who isn’t Jewish. There are no prices on anything, still, I’m happy with the battery.

We both met up again at the hotel. Only had a few minutes to spare. We headed out. Only to find we didn’t actually know where we were going. Jamie had deleted last nights venue, which was close to tonights. With shear luck we found last nights venue, I then ran down the street (in the road) to be followed by a taxi blowing it’s bloody horn, to make it to the box office. There I picked up the tickets, sweating buckets. Jamie followed me, we settled down in the auditorium. A few minutes later the show started. We saw ‘Forbidden Broadway’. It was in a tiny theatre, about sixteen rows of ten seats. The company was only four and a pianist. We had a understudy to start and by act two another one had died so we had two understudies. There were a lot of references we didn’t get, but the whole ‘Les Mes’ set I almost lost it, I was absolutely pissing myself laughing. It’s a short show with a very intimate audience, but it was very good.

We then wandered round a bit trying to find an Indian. We failed. Went back to the hotel. Spoke to concierge and they found us one. Walked all the way through ‘Hell’s Kicthen’ at ten o’clock at night, that was fun. Found the Indian. After three weeks, if it had been shit it would have been nice, but it was actually pretty good and good value, I really enjoyed my curry.

Wandered back to the hotel. Had a shower, did the first part of the video. At just gone midnight we ventured out again. Which to be honest, on this holiday it’s the latest we’ve been out. We walked down to Times Square, then to the Empire State building. Went up to the observation deck and took more video and photos. It’s was a lovely warm night with no wind.

I must admit since we’ve been here the weather has been sweltering. Even at gone two in the morning it’s been bloody warm.

Now just finished today’s video at 3AM. Having a few beers, which were kindly left by the hotel staff cleaning out the fridge after a few dollars ‘adjustment’.

Not sure what we have planned for the last day tomorrow, we have tickets for the 9/11 museum later in the day.

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