Goodbye ‘Nellie’, hello ‘NYC’

We managed to get up this morning vaguely on time. We checked out and then did a four hour drive to NYC. Got through the Lincoln tunnel then tried to drop the car off. This was a bit of an adventure as the car drop-off wasn’t actually sign posted, so I pulled into the garage and then got shouted at by a Mexican. After parking in a fire lane and then reversing up a one-way street I managed to dump the car off.

We then route marched to the hotel. This is quite an in-vogue stylish hotel called ‘Yotel’. It’s all very purple. Nice room, great view. Soon it was time to vanish down town to the tattoo shop so Jamie could get inked. It took a couple of hours but the tattooist did a fantastic job.

We then walked back to the hotel, via yet another McDonalds. Had a quick shower and then it was off to Broadway. We saw ‘Kinky Boots’, which was great fun. It’s based on a film, which I’d forgotten I’d seen. No memorable songs, but good anyway.

We then walked back towards the hotel. Stopped in a very disappointing Chinese and had very disappointing food. It was the fastest sit-down Chinese I think I’ve ever had.

Tomorrow I’m not sure about yet.

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