Halfway and happy Valentine’s

So day 14. Didn’t get to bed until 4AM due to uploading milestone builds. Actually started earlier than I was planning due to testing said builds.

Worked all the way through until six. Afternoon was a bit wasted due to a bug I was trying to trace and didn’t realise until after I’d shut down that the bug was actually running out of stack space rather than the sort of corruption I was looking for. Still, an easy one to start Monday with.

Had a shower. Then drove into town with Jamie. He took me see the ‘Lego’ film. Yes, Jamie actually took me to see a film about bricks. It was funny in places, but I was already tired, that connected with a dark room and I was soon nodding off.

We then went and ate at Zizzi, which was actually very good. I had pizza, it was Friday. Now my no alcohol thing did get slightly broken as we had a glass of bubbly as part of the meal. I was good otherwise though and had a bottle of water with it.

Came back and went ‘woof’ a lot. Jamie moaned that I never get him anything personal for Valentine’s day, I offered to fist him, but he wasn’t interested.

The underlay arrived for the wood flooring.

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