Now there’s something I thought I’d need again

Actually slept through Jamie getting up for work, which I think is the first time I’ve ever done that. Was however, awoken by the dog. Fed and let everyone out. I used the bathroom, dogs used the garden, but we had the same goals.

Cracked on with video player. Got most of it working now, just a few more bits to sort out. The video and audio don’t sync up, nothing is ever bloody straightforward.

Went to Combat. Admired my arms. My sister asked me what she should say to my mother, I just said that she should stop spending money she doesn’t have, stop moaning about everything or just do the decent thing and die. Came back and did some more work.

I need to pass a radio telephony exam for the PPL(H). I keep getting everything fumbled on my communications. I had a quick look on Ebay to see if there were any old second hand VHF radio transmitters and to my surprise found brand new ones for under forty quid. So printed out all the paperwork and filled it it.

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