Heads Up!

Woke up far too early. Couldn’t get back to sleep, so fed the dogs and had breakfast. Read the paper and then fell asleep. Came up with a new song to go with ‘I dream a dream’. It goes, ‘I dream a dream where you were thin. Lots of curves and indentations’. Got up. Uploaded a new video. Took the dogs out. We were out about three hours. Had lunch. Then went into town. Picked up an SD card box (have to have one darling), two tooth brushes, a comb and some tooth paste. All items I forgot to get from Tesco’s. Came back and Jamie still wasn’t home. Apparently at McDonalds with his boyfriend Callum. Updated the sat-nav with the latest speed cameras, tested it again, which means no doubt it will fail. Updated videos on my phone. Then started on the accounts. Needed to basically pay every one for a month. All that’s now sorted apart from one credit card which I need to do a bit more research into. So that’s basically it. Hair cut and colour (yes I’m a tart) tomorrow. Walk the dogs. Do some Geocaching. Eat chicken.

It’s strange. This is the longest break I will have had from work for 23 years.

Oh yes, that video:

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