So how much clearance do you leave for a light aircraft taking off after a 787? No I don’t know either.

This morning started off with breakfast for three (I had coffee, they had a tin of something). I then decided to split the day up into hours of studying air law and hours of something else. So cracked on with the book. Then took the dogs out, then another hour, did some server maintenance, then another hour etc. By the end of the day I’d done about four hours, walked the dogs, updated the server, did some gardening and went out for a run. I didn’t go anywhere else as the weather was a bit hit and miss. Actually I ended up studying “Effects of thunderstorms on aircraft”, while sat in a thunderstorm, which was quite ironic. Did the accounts. Then we went to the Italian. I did have a complaint about the Bolognese ravioli, there wasn’t enough of it. So he went and got me another plate of it. We also had some ridiculous offers, so even after have a vat of lager it was only forty-two quid. Came back and went to bed. Same again tomorrow, only without the Italian and more flying.

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