Today was a great day to fly, and I flew great

So started off this morning with another batch of air law, followed by picking up dog poo. Soon it was time to head to Staverton. For some reason I was heading out with bang on the correct attitude. I was going to nail this flight and it was going to be perfect. Arrived in good time. James fuelled G-OJAN and I set up the GoPro. I had the lead for recording the radio so attached it to the top of the bubble. Preflight was perfect, radio call bang on. Pick up and initial hover was a bit all over the place, but I kind of can forgive that, I class that as the ‘5 minute wobbles’. I don’t fly everyday, so a few minutes just to get back into it is required. Before the flight we did have a bit of ground school covering vortex rings. So we set off to the north west, set up away from wind and James demonstrated a vortex ring. Scary shit, we were descending at 8,000ft/min. Then it was my turn, actually it was fairly painless. We then did an out of ground effect hover and then back to the airfield. We then did a bunch of circuits, nailed every single one of them. Sometimes I was a bit high, but corrected well in time. Then we practiced engine failure in the circuit which was scary but great fun. James said that I had stepped up a big level on this flight, and I felt I had as well. For once I felt I had tamed the beast and I was in control of it, rather than it being in control of me. I was doing spot turns in 13kts and holding position. Even at the end of it, I had to hold for ages to cross the runway and I was side on to an 13kts wind, going nowhere. Really enjoyed todays flight, I gained a huge amount of confidence from it.

Did about five geocaches while I was there. Then drove back home. Did a couple of video uploads and had a bath. I’m in a really positive mood today. I like it.

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