And fail again

So after yesterdays epic fail on packing interpolators I decided to do it all manually, which is a real pain in the ass. Anyway, after a couple of hours I’d finished it. It produces an extra 300 shader instructions and ran 300 micro seconds slower. Time well spent. So my next ‘great idea’ was sharing h-tile meta data. So compute shader was written etc. Tested, actually worked, was quicker as well. Then I looked at alpha to coverage stuff, completely twitted. So another epic fail. Although later that evening I think I may have a work around for that one.

Went to the gym. First time this week, thanks to Combat being cancelled and putting a woman behind a curtain. New Pump. Difficult to set the weights up. Anyway, battled through it, then did a session with Laverne afterwards. My neck now hurts.

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