Mount Rushmore, I was expecting, well, something just bigger

We started off a bit later than perhaps we should of. But blueberry pancakes have to be eaton. We grabbed gas and then headed off to Mount Rushmore. We could see it in the distance. My instant thought was, “Is that it?”. We drove up, paid our twelve dollars for a twelve month pass and parked up. I must admit I was expecting half a mountain carved to perfection. What I got as a few carved rocks. Okay, I guess it was quite impressive, it was all carved by hand. But these days the same could be carved by a computer controlled engraver in about ten minutes. I was just expecting more.

The rest of the day was about driving, yet again. We clocked up another six hundred odd miles driving east. Fairly easy going, must be said. Finished up in yet another Holiday Inn. Nice restaurant, decent room. Crap wifi. Can’t complain. Okay, well I can complain. Tomorrow we drive up to Chicago.

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