I’ll downgrade Chicago from the ‘windy’ city to ‘mildly gusty’

So we left our hotel in the middle of nowhere and continued east. A couple of pee stops and a very uneventful seven hour drive we arrived at Guerney, which is our home for the next couple of days. We dropped our stuff off and checked in.

We then set off to central Chicago, in rush hour. Took about an hour and twenty minutes for a forty mile journey, but it was great fun. It’s like trying to drive into central London blindfolded without dropping below 90 mph. We managed to park close to the Willis tower, which used to me know as the Sears tower. Up we went to the 103rd floor. Boy what a hell of a view from here. They also have one of those glass bottom floor things which is rather frightening.

We then walked to the worlds largest been, which is just bloody weird. We had an average meal on the way back to the car and then drove back to the hotel. Six Flags Great America tomorrow, the drive will be about three minutes.

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