I can confirm, after driving through it, there is indeed, fuck all in Wyoming

Got up fairly sharpish and had breakfast. After refuelling we were on the road by 10:30. Then that was it really. We drove pretty much for a solid nine hours. All the way north up through Colorado. Colorado Springs, then Denver. Then it was up into Wyoming, where there really is absolutely nothing at all, apart from farm land. I think we drove almost three hours without overtaking or being overtaken. It was then into South Dakota. We’ve stopped in a place called ‘Rapid City’, in a ‘Holiday Inn’. Which seems all decked out for another photocopier salesman convention. We were the only one’s in the restaurant, the food was very good though. I had fishcakes made from ‘Walleye’ which is apparently a North American fish, it was very good. Then it was off to the room to edit yet another video.

I’m sorry if these blog posts are a bit short, but the days are very long and the video editing takes ages, so something has to give a bit. But I hope you are all enjoying the videos. They are all available here.

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