You’ve heard of pulling a rabbit out of a hat, well we’ve pulled a rabbit out of a dogs ass

This morning started spritely at 6:30, Dillon off to daycare. Managed to get back to sleep and did indeed sleep. Took Sasha to the vet for her kennel cough jab. So started work reasonable on time. Still all about anti-aliasing. All working mostly, got a few extra platform specifics to sort out but mainly going okay.

Both Jamie and I took Sasha out for a walk as she was on her own, she really enjoyed it as we went through the forest.

Now yesterday, Dillon was sat out on the remains of the patio, he seemed to have something stuck out of his arse. This is not unusual, we have pulled various items out out of his arse since we’ve had him. He does have a habit of chewing rope and socks. But this was a first….we managed to pull out a rabbit ear. Not a real one, but one off a stuffed toy. He looked happier afterwards.

Picked up Dillon. Went to Pump, but forgot that Trudie was away. Instead we had a women who tried hard but accomplished nothing but a very unfulfilling and unbalanced class. I would have been better off going for a walk.

Came back and did more work than I should off. Then ate salad. Tomorrow I have to start ordering the remaining stuff for the holiday.

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