So I made it then, all 28 days

Today I didn’t have to do anything with video codecs. Actually I did remote play which turned out to be remarkably easy. Then ended up with a truly horrible thread issue. I’ll go into fun detail on this. A thread is created via normal system, so this had a thread ID. This is a system task, which then creates several other threads. These threads do memory allocations, the memory allocator keeps a track of the calling thread ID. If the ID doesn’t have an internal context then one is created. At the end of each frame all contexts are tested to see if they are then stale, if they are they are deleted. Now this all worked fine, until today. Here was the fun scenario. A thread was created, this had an ID, the system then allocated a load of other threads which had memory callbacks so contexts were created. All good. Except then the thread was closed, the system threads then exited, but a new thread was created the same frame. The system allocated a thread ID of one of the old system threads, this then happens to be in the context hash table as it’s yet to be marked as stale. It then all goes bang. I got round it by doing a manual flush after the thread was deemed, but it is rather a strange case. The moral of the story is not to ignore that the system can reallocate thread ID’s just when you’re not expecting it. Another fun issue of the day is that we needed a build for Monday. This after about four attempts using the automated build system is still failing. So I had to produce one here, package it up, rar it and I’m now uploading it.

Apart from that not a lot else happened. Oh I’ve got my fun little DJ controller, I’ll have a pop with that on the Mac the weekend. Went to Pump. Then did a good session with Laverne afterwards. Ate too much chocolate. Had spaghetti and meatballs, which tasted a bit ass.

Last day off the booze. I’ve surprised myself, managed all 28 days, without any issues. The fridges are back on. But tonight I’m sat down with a pint. A pint of water. I may make some videos and play about with some stuff tomorrow. Sundays going to be a full on bloody hard day.

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