99 anecdotes and the bitch is in all of them

Today I had a bit of a’me’ day. That is I did stuff that I wanted to do, rather than to the benefit of anyone else. So had breakfast and fed the dogs, cruised the internet for a bit. I then walked Sasha, Dillon wasn’t interested. Then I decided to make some videos, I actually ended up making three videos. Well I did the filming for three anyway, as thats the bit that takes the time. I then popped out to Tesco’s. Can back and then spent the next three hours editing. I decided to go for my next bitching video first. So I edited ’99 anecdotes and the bitch is in all of them’ first. This is quite an amusing video about my mothers story telling. In between I moved the whole of the kitchen into the dinning room. This is so I can do the laminate flooring tomorrow.

Bought a steam cleaner for the laminate flooring and picked up Jamie. Had a shower. We then went to the local Italian. It was good to see it really busy. I had a lovely pizza, Jamie had the steak. Now the prohibition is over I drank three pints of Stella and feel rather pissed. So I’m having an early night, lots of DIY tomorrow.

You can find my latest video here ’99 problems and the bitch is in all of them.’

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