Limbo land

Got up at 6:30, took Sasha to daycare. Went back to bed. Work was a bit weird, very stressful. Lots of bugs for an upcoming demo. Must admit I got left fairly alone to get on with them so had a pretty good success rate. I’ve got one known left for tomorrow, but that’s more of a tweak than anything else.

Jamie was at work, Megan was here, she looked after Dillon while the cleaners were here. Megan and I then walked Dillon. We talked about Body Pump, depression and the fact Jamie is a completely untidy git that does my head in. The cleaners do their job and he makes a mess within ten minutes. At least she knows how to do lunges without falling over now.

Collected Sasha. Did more work. Dropped Megan at Parkway. Went to the gym and did Pump. Came back, had protein shake, did more work. Finally finished all the bugs, did think it would take a lot longer, I expect a long one tomorrow as well.

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