And then most bizarre incentive ever comes along

Okay, work was rather strange. From the technical side all was good. Working on ‘depth of field’ effect. Well working on optimising it, made very good progress, got about a four times speed up. Okay, had to make a couple of compromises, but the effect still looks good. Got a lot more post-processes still to look at. And then the bizarre incentive came along. I’ve been offered something quite insane, if I manage to get something achieved. It’s all above board. Still rather odd though, gives you kind of a mental kick up the ass.

Worked through lunch. But did head out for a couple of hours this evening. Managed to clear off two fairly local caches. Came back and then worked past midnight. Finally had a shower and sat down and had salad. It’s still like an inferno. I’m going to settle down and watch a film now. Tomorrow I really must get over to the garage and get this part fitted.

I’ve offered to take mother to Weymouth on Saturday if the weather holds. She needs to behave herself.

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