Charlie and the science museum

So yesterday started off later than I’d planned, I wanted to take the car to the garage but never got round to it. Mark and Alison arrived with Megan. I then shot off and watered Sarah’s plants. We then drove down to Parkway, parked up and had a fairly uneventful journey up to London. We got to the hotel, which considering Jamie picked it, it wasn’t too bad. It had no air-con though. We went out to the ‘Shard’ which was actually pretty quiet. The view was indeed stunning over London. There was quite a low cloud base but it didn’t spoil it too much. We had a nice photo taken, but they wanted over thirty quid for it, sod off. Went back to the hotel. Killed an hour. Then got ready and went to the theatre. We saw ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’, which was really good. Also in the audience was Russell Brand, we had better seats. It was a musical, it doesn’t really have many memorable songs but does have some fantastic sets. All the kids were great, it was quite a large cast. Afterwards we had some meal deal at a brasserie in Covent Garden. The food was nice but it was pricey as hell. Managed to sleep okay.

This morning we got up and split up, Jamie was going to meet some blue person and I was planning on going to the science museum. I tried to look for some geocaches, but its an awful place, far too many people and the GPS just doesn’t work properly. Ended up walking through the city all the way to the tower of London. I then jumped on a tube and took it back to South Kensington. Spent a couple of hours at the museum, I really like this one. I don’t think it’s as good as the powerhouse museum in Sydney but it does have some good stuff in it. Then I walked across Hyde Park back to Paddington. Again a fairly uneventful journey back.

Managed to let Sasha escape. She ran round all over the place and came across a few cats, oddly all she did was sniff them. We went to Nando’s. I had chicken and rice. It was very average.

Last two days were meant to be holiday, I think I spent more time on the work forum dealing with shit than anything else. I’m now very stressed over it all. Not sure how much of it I will take, I’m seriously thinking of jacking it all in and doing something else.

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