I am a laminate flooring god

So woke up with a little bit of a hangover, which isn’t really surprising after not drinking for a month. Still, had breakfast and read the paper. Then just cracked on. Got the new steam mop out and cleaned the lino. Then just started cutting away. I spent the next seven hours cutting and laying laminate flooring. And to be honest I made a fucking good job of it. All done. And I have enough left over to do the downstairs loo. The saw I bought was an absolute gem. It really served it’s purpose well. I need to put silicone sealant round it next and then add the beading. I’m really pleased with it. The only slight cock-up I made was when I put the washing machine back, I turned the hot water on rather than the cold, and flooded underneath the unit. It was late, I’d been at it all day…..So At the moment the washing machine I stuck out in the middle of the floor while it all dries out.

I’ve decided I’m going to do the whole of the dinning room and the lounge, this will enable me to get the cables in I want.

My camera sold for a hundred and twelve pounds which was pretty good. Had a bath, drank some home brew. Now looking forward to some food and sleep.

Had an email from my mother. I answered in a curt but professional manner. If she wants to see the last season of Dexter, she will have to save up and buy the box set, after all it’s a lot less than a Nina Lemon skirt.

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