I’m beginning to get quite used to this starting on time thing

Got up on time and started work on time. Spent probably the next five and a half hours on this weird luminance bug. It was only by luck staring at it in the GPU debugger that I found the actual problem. The downsampling of the luminance values was fine. However I’d cocked up the convergence, instead of converging two one by one textures it was converging the last step of the down sample, so it was doing a three by three, so basically it was only probably taking the luminance of the top left ninth of the screen. Oh well, fun fun. Went out for a run. Came back and had lunch. Then worked on a couple of grass issues. Finished bang on time, then spent the evening with Emily on the ceiling. It’s getting there, it’s all about the preparation though, so it will take as long as it takes. Sat down, ate, watched TV. Now time for bed. Dillon at daycare tomorrow.

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