Christmas? Really must think about shopping, after I’ve worked on my arms

So got up at 6:20, took Dillon to daycare. Went back to bed for a bit. Started bang on 9AM. Did five and a half hours straight through. Fixed some issues with grass. Picked up Dillon. Then worked on god rays. Finished bang on 5:35. Went to the gym and did Pump. Worked on my arms. Came back and did a tiny bit more sanding and prep work. Almost there now, hopefully finish off the sanding tomorrow. It will probably need one more pass then I can prime it. Almost everyone is off next week, so hopefully will get some work done. As far as shopping goes, well I don’t really have much to get, as I don’t buy anyone anything. I always find that makes things considerably easier. Jamie wants some bits, Amazon Prime will still be there Monday.

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