Hyatt you are shit

Now I’m going to work backwards as basically the day was rather dull. We got up and drove for seven hours. If you want to hear all the glorious details of that then watch the video. We drove to the Hyatt Harbour side, which would be nice if it was anywhere near town, it’s actually on top of the air port. It’s outrageously expensive, the parking is extortionate and the wi-di not only isn’t free, but if you pay for it it’s incredibly slow and capped. Considering a Holiday Inn can offer this for half the price it’s very disappointing. I’ve already written a terrible TripAdvisor review. I’m going to bed now, I’m quite outraged, and before you ask, no I haven’t been drinking, we actually had a lovely meal across the water, probably the best fish I’ve ever eaton.

I’ve just sent their customer services an email. I now expect a swimming pool full of water heading in my direction.

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