“Rusty Chain”, one step away from “Old Scrotum”

We started out this morning in Cleveland, then ventured into Pennsylvania. Finally we made it into New York state. This is a hell of an achievement, we have made it from west to east coast. Soon homed in on Niagara. We parked up and walked straight over the border to Canada, can’t have taken more than a couple of minutes at the border. We went up the Skylon Tower and took lots of photos. I think we will be visiting Canada again at a later date, it looks like a lovely place.

After a few hours we returned to the US. You really feel like you are having an internal cavity search, even though we had only been in Canada for a few hours. They searched my camera bag and asked us lots of questions. They are only doing their job and they are polite as hell, but it is still a little intimidating. We did a bonus extra country anyway which was cool. We relocated to the hotel, which was about eight seconds away from where we parked. Had a lovely dinner this evening, expensive, but nice, with a lovely server.

Tomorrow we are off to Boston. We enter into the last week.

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