Everyone here sounds like ‘Selfie’ girl

This morning started with a reply from the front of house manager. He didn’t offer to fall on his sword but he did offer complimentary high speed internet and some sort of lunch offering. I accepted the internet but said a bottle of water would be fine.

We decided to drive out to Salem first. So it took a little while to get there, but it’s only a few miles away. It’s a strange little place. If you ever imagined creepy wooden house, yep, they are all here. We didn’t really visit anywhere in particular, but had a wander around the area and took photos for a few hours.

Came back, changed and then took the water taxi back over to the city. We walked to the start of the ‘freedom trail’ and then spent the next two hours walking to the end of it. Took lots of photos and video on the way. Picked up some water and beer and took a taxi back to the hotel. To where we found a selection of water and beer. Better late than never.

Made new videos, uploaded loads of photos and drank beer. Tomorrow we are off to Washington DC.

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