Hunky chunky almonds, I finally got you

Probably best nights sleep this week, even though it wasn’t that great. Worked on a number of small things today. Can’t go into vast detail, but to give you a clue I had to stop reading from garlic, it’s very slow.

Ran with the dogs lunchtime, well ran with Sasha, Dillon kind of pottered along and pulled.

This evening I headed A38 north again and did a couple of puzzle caches. One I hadn’t attempted before and was fairly straightforward. The other one I’d attempted a couple of times before, at least over a year ago. Finally solved the puzzle and gave it another go. Still took ages digging around until I found a mark on a tree, which was the hint, then I found the thing. It’s name incidentally….well, Hunky chunky almonds of course.

Came back. Did a bit more work. Then shot the final part of the USA trip video. Will try and edit that tomorrow.

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