Almost working again…almost

So started off at about 6:20AM, took Sasha to daycare. It has moved. I had to find it. It’s a couple of miles away from the old one, I’ll live.

Felt tired after another naff night. Still doing the SDK upgrade which is now completed. All checked in. Rained all day. Picked up Sasha, on the way back met the courier half way down the road, signed for parcel. Went to the gym and did Pump, slowly working the weights back up, very slowly. Came back and fitted the memory upgrade, that worked without a problem. Installed the new SSD, now having great issues cloning the old one. Had to go back to Acronis 2009 to find a clone that worked, actually to find a clone that started, whether it works or not is another thing. Hopefully it will, then have to put the bloody machine back together. Been a fairly shit week regarding all this sort of thing so far.

Lost a bit of weight, which isn’t bad. Didn’t run today as it was very wet.

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