Goodbye my lover, good bye my friend (okay, it’s a wallet)

Today I woke up feeling shit. Not because I slept badly I didn’t. Mainly because I was so shitfaced nothing was going to keep me awake. I think I’m going to have to cancel a couple of things. ‘Torture Porn Night’ has to go. I just end up eating shit and drinking too much, plus going to bed at 3AM then fucks up my non-existent sleep pattern. I think I’m just going to have a ‘movie night’ which is the same as any other, but I just start watching it a bit earlier and accompany it with tea. Friday night baths have to go as well. Again I end up consuming too much wine and end up eating far too late. (Plus it removes the need to ring mother). Saying that tonight I haven’t had a bath and haven’t eaten and it’s still half eleven.

Went for a run lunchtime. Went to pump this evening. My arms are appearing again from the blubber, give it another week before I can stare at myself again. Looked for a few caches on the way back from the gym, only found one.

Said goodbye to an old friend today. My wallet. Due to the accuracy and dullness of my accounting system I can tell you the exact date and cost. Thirteenth of April, 2001. Nine pounds ninety-nine. Came from a shop in Cribbs (which is no longer there, the shop that is) called ‘Free Spirit’. I don’t think thirteen years is too bad for a wallet. Lets see how long the new one lasts for.

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