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Today was all about shaders again. Trying to debug them is a frighteningly complicated task when you are doing at at an assembler level. Also it processes 64 threads in parallel, so you just have to think 64 processes at a time, which gets quite fun. Think I’ve found a flaw in the whole thing as well, which means I may have wasted quite a bit of time.

Booked the car in for a service, pricey. New tyres tomorrow, pricey. Still, it will save me pumping up the rear left again, four years I’ve been doing that, it’s got a nail in it.

Booked the holiday, couldn’t deal with too much stress so just booked the same one as last year, we won’t get as nice a room though, so may be we will spend less time in it this time.

Went to the gym and did Combat, not one of my best performances. Came back and did more shader debugging, not fun.

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