Shall I build a voltage regulator?, not when I can get it from Hong-Kong for 99p

Didn’t exactly start at the crack of dawn. Did start out doing some more work to do with photo exporting, but managed to pass that off to someone else when it was getting heavily into save / load type code. Then it was on to bugs again. All sorted except one to do with video bandwidth which I’m still looking into. Walked Sasha. Jamie’s knob jockeying friend came round and they vanished off somewhere. I went off to Combat, got a slightly sore foot. Wasn’t overly into it, but got through it all the same. Did a little bit more work. Now building data again.

Jamie wants to run his Sonic statue thing off the mains, it only takes batteries. I rigged up a ‘wall-wart’ power thingy but the output isn’t regulated enough. So I came up with a circuit to do it using an LM317, it only has five parts. I have four of them already. Tried to source the regulator, no problem, I can get it off Farnell for about 40p plus a shit load of postage. Maplin want over a quid for it. Or I can just buy it, on a PCB with the other parts, ready made from Hong-Kong for 99p including postage. I’ll be waiting for the postman then.

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