So I got another helicopter video on Radio One’s ‘Dan and Phil’ show

Today was all about one thing, finishing off the USA mega series. I was parked up at 12:15 and off I went. A quick early one which wasn’t on that trail, followed by two DNF’s. It was then time to get on, I had about twenty of the series yet to do. Basically by 6:15PM I’d done the lot, every single one, including about ten extra ones and the puzzle cache linked with the series. I was well pleased.

Drove home, had an ice lolly. I’d gone almost seven hours at 23 degrees without a drink. Powered up the PC and started logging the horde. ‘Dan and Phil’ show came on Radio 1. I was the opening video, and they kept the tune I synced it to as well. So that’s two I’ve got on there now. As far as I know I’m the only person ever to get two of their videos on the show. Need to try for a third now. That kind of made my day really. I know it’s just a bit of toss and means nothing, but I kinda enjoyed it and it makes me happy.

Had a bath. Downed half a bottle of wine while watching the German grand prix (while still in the bath), now to have dinner.

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