So mother came round and I didn’t find the need to kill her

Yesterday was rotten weather wise. There was a storm overnight and it continued well into the day. I ended up staying in bed and just studying the air law book. Not that I seem to be taking much of it in, my brain just wasn’t really in the correct state for that. Walked Sasha in the rain.

Picked up Jamie from work then went for a run. It was then time for mother to arrive. She arrived and hobbled into the hallway. See brought the dogs a treat each so they buggered off. I talked a lot about flying, theme parks and work. She mentioned that she’d sold a few things in an auction. That was the only real mention of money. She never once mentioned anything that had fallen off on her, her house or her car (other than her sister now uses a walker), or she couldn’t afford to eat. She did milk the whole ‘Are we going to Weymouth’ thing quite a lot, saying that’s the only holiday she has now. She asked me about how I was coping without massive amounts of anti-depressants. She then left. I was quite surprised, may be she’s finally learnt. I may relent on the Weymouth thing, will need to keep an eye on the weather.

I did the accounts and studied some stuff on vortex rings, then cooked food. Had a fairly early night. A big Geocaching session tomorrow.

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