Washington DC

Today we started off a bit later than perhaps we should of, considering we only had one day here. Anyway, we walked to ‘downtown’ and found the ‘White House’, very impressive. We then walked to the Washington Monument and then the Lincoln Memorial. The buildings and monuments here are very impressive. We then walked to Capitol Hill and the Capitol building, again, very impressive. We finished off at Union Station, took the metro back to the Zoo, which was right by the hotel. We then spent the next few hours at the zoo. It was kind of mixed, the elephants looked bored, but the panda’s were really cool.

We retired to the hotel so Jamie could soak his thighs, he had been moaning all day that his boxers had ridden up and that his thighs were chaffing. He was like John Wayne.

We finished off the evening in a very busy pizza restaurant. Early start tomorrow, back to New York, drop off the car, down to the last leg.

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