Who the fuck is Thea?

After some digging I actually managed to find a link to last Sunday’s ‘Dan & Phil Show’ and indeed my video was shown from the beginning. It has a title splash for the song and then another one for ‘Video By: Thea’, who the fuck is Thea? It’s a video by me. Plus half way through there is a bit where it shows the boot screen from a DVD player, where the fuck that came from I don’t know.

Work wise I spent the day battling with a certain manufacturers SDK and failed. I gave up mid-afternoon and finished off editing a video instead. I’d already done plenty of hours this week.

Still haven’t spoken to anyone on the radio yet. I’ve listened to numerous people talking about a range of fun subjects, including, fog, traffic and resetting the bios password on a PC. Tomorrow they may discuss, mud, paint drying and bowel movements.

Captain James sent me a text, so flying tomorrow.

I spent more money on FCPX plug-ins. It’s my version of ‘QVC’, I’m turning into my mother. But I really need a smoke transition effect and professional hue colour grading.

Latest video is uploading now. Time for a bath and some wine me thinks. As I say, flying tomorrow.

Also installed new UPS. Looks nice, only just fits in the cabinet. Nut worked fine with it. Need to carry out some power off shutdown tests at some point.

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